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Nantucket Island Massachusetts is a great place to Kite. With classic butter on the inside and miles of ocean coast, Nantucket has conditions that will please just about every kiteboarder who visits. Need Proof? Check these photos...

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If you have visited before and just want to see what's new, these are the most recently uploaded photos. If you like sailing the ocean here are some great photos of how it can get on Nantucket. These are the second gallery those Madequecham Ocean Photos by Josh Harde..

We have been getting some good questions coming in on the E-Mail so we started an FAQ page..

The most important think to know about kiteboarding on Nantucket is what is the weather doing. Click this link for Nantucket Island weather resources.

Of course you also need to know Where to Ride and What to Bring. These links will tell you about Nantucket kiteboarding and kitesurfing sites and what kiteboarding equipment is most commonly used on the island.

More information about Nantucket Kiteboarding is being added on our Wordpress and specific session data is kept at

If you have quality photos of Nantucket Kiteboarding or want to contribute to the site by posting Sesh Reports or other articles that is cool. Please write me ( and we will set it up.

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You must check out this video by Benj Raith.

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April 21, 2014
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